Top 11 Email Marketing Trends for 2020

11 Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know for 2020 and Infographic

Email Marketing Will Surge in 2020

Email marketing is not only alive and well, its numbers illustrate that as a medius, it is stronger than social media.  With new constraints on what is acceptable as a post, ads being denied on a consistent rate, and the low visibility of most social media ads, marketers are returning to their roots and stepping up their email marketing game.  2020 is the year that email marketing will reclaim its position as the go-to first choice for increasing sales.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a tool that allows businesses to connect directly to their prospects and customers.  In other words, the right message ends up in the right inbox.  Building an email list is essential to any business.  The email list is built from a variety of means including offering coupons, free videos, group access, ebooks, short consultations, and even draw prizes to grow the list.  The best marketers on the planet have the biggest lists.

What Platform Should You Use to Deploy Your Marketing?

We recommend Keap Pro by Infusionsoft hands down.  This platform allows marketers to:

  • Segment their lists by interest.
  • Mail at optimal open times.
  • Track open rates.
  • Create attractive mailers.
  • Add a ‘mobile handshake’ – a tool which allows users to take a photo of a business card and have that person added as a lead.
  • Create custom campaigns.
  • Integrate e-commerce.
  • Much more.

At Agency 8, we are certified Keap by Infusionsoft Partners and have certified Keap coaches to help do one-on-one training for you, your staff, or both.  You can find out more about Keap Pro by Infusionsoft HERE.

What You Need to Know in 2020 – 11 Mind Blowing Email Marketing Stats

  1. Email usage is projected to grow to 4.3 billion people by 2022.  (Statista)
  2. Welcome Emails have an 82% open rate.  (Get Response 2017)
  3. Emails with personalized subject lines have a 50% higher open rate.  (Yes Lifecycle Marketing 2017)
  4. 81% of small businesses rely on email marketing as their main source of customer acquisition.  (Emarsys 2018)
  5. Adding videos to your emails increases click rates by 300%.  (Martech Advisors 2017)
  6. 49% of consumers say that they like to receive weekly promotional emails from their favorite businesses.  (Statista 2017)
  7. 78% of marketers feel that list segmentation (tagging) is a feature they can’t live without.  (Gleason)
  8. Nurtured leads make 47% more purchases than non-nurtured leads. (The Annuitas Group)
  9. Email marketing yields $44 for every $1 spent.  (Campaign Monitor)
  10. Email marketing ROI is 28.5% compared to 7% for direct mail.  (Chief Marketer)
  11. Email marketing produces 174% more conversions than social media marketing.  (Campaign Monitor)

Top 5 Email Marketing Stats Infographic

Top 5 Email Marketing Stats for 2020

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