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Renée has over 15 years of customer service experience. She started out her career in the car industry in both sales & service. In the last 4 years she left her career in the car business and became a professional network marketer quickly creating a significant income & becoming a top recruiter in her company. After using Infusionsoft for her own business, Renée became passionate helping others automate their business and has become an KEAP® Certified Consultant. Renée has a unique ability to problem solve & think outside the box. Renée believes in optimizing your time with business automation, “Let technology do the work for you!”

Coaching with Renée

What You Will Learn

Keap® CRM/Software System Setup

Preparing your contact list in Excel, preparing, and uploading tags, importing your contacts, and setting up your profile. Setting up your email and additional domains.

Keap® CRM Landing Pages and Campaigns

From basic handshake campaigns to more complex customer re-engagement campaigns with lead scoring.

Keap® CRM Business Automation

Automating internal processes with internal webforms.

Exploring the Art of the Possible with Keap® CRM/Software

Discover how to automate mundane business processes using Keap.

1 Hour Coaching Pack

3 Hour Coaching Pack

All registration fees are a non-refundable purchase. Coaching sessions must be completed within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Infusionsoft is an enormous tool that has so many capabilities. Renee was able to zone in on just the items I wanted and was able to walk me through them with ease. What I loved most about Renee was her patience and she never made me feel like I should have the hang of this already. She went the extra mile with me and I really appreciate her help and would recommend her to others in a heartbeat!

Natalie Boese

I made the next best decision to hire Renée Trask!! Time is Money and she is helping our Dream Team to stay focused on our first campaign and many more will follow. I feel as if my Mind was Super Empowered after two sessions with her. I love a good deal so bought the 3 pack!

Nancy KernerGraphic Designer, Owl Eyes

Just got off a great coaching call with Renee Trask. What can I say but that she knows her stuff and is AWESOME... I don't know what took me so long to reach out. If you are trying to figure things out on your own or through Youtube, I suggest hiring Renee or one of the other great coaches in the this group. It is so worth it to get a coach. Thank you Renee. I look forward to the other sessions because I know that I will get so much more covered and save myself time than if I would have done it on my own.

Juanita Shay

The BIGGEST thank you to my Coach Renée Trask. She helped me create more IN ONE HOUR than I have managed to do alone since April! This makes my life so much easier! Your coaching has been invaluable to help me organize, automate and have more time to concentrate on building & growing my Team! Thank you so much Renée Trask

Liz Wadden

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