Marketing Expert Academy

Would you like to become a marketing expert and have the certifications to prove it?

Marketing Expert Academy Will Help You Learn How To and Get Certified In:

  • Create high-converting “funnels” that transform strangers into valuable customers at the lowest possible acquisition cost.
  • Leverage traffic channels such Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to grow your customer base, without breaking the bank.
  • Engage in social channels such as Facebook and Twitter to respond to existing customers and locate with new ones.
  • Create and curate content that generates free traffic and leads while simultaneously building brand authority.
  • Master 'direct response' copy.


// Conversion Funnel Optimization

// Paid Traffic Mastery

// Social Community Management

// Marketing & Data Science

// Ecommerce Marketing Mastery

// Community Management

// Content Marketing Mastery

// Email/List Building Mastery

// Search Marketing Mastery

// Testing/Conversion Optimization

// Copywriting Mastery

Monthly Memberships: A monthly membership maybe cancelled with a request via Diana Frerick at least 15 days before next payment date.

All accounts  are set up on a prepaid basis. COMPANY must receive payment before any billable product or service is provided and/or activated.  All fees are a non-refundable purchase.

You are required to keep a valid credit/debit card on file to charge for any recurring subscription fees.

All subscriptions: Your subscription is NOT based on how much you use (or do not use) the Software, but instead is based on availability of products and services.

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