Tips For Setting Up A Professional Email Address in Infusionsoft


As you go to set up your profile in Infusionsoft, you will be asked to obtain a professional email address.

Any emails ending in things like,,,,,, etc. are not considered professional email addresses. For example, is a free email service, but is a professional business email using a domain that you purchased and own.

You need a professional email because all emails sent out from your Infusionsoft account must be “from” a professional domain, not a free email service. This is to help improve the deliverability of your emails since emails sent from a free email account are typically blocked or sent to spam folders.

Here is the lowdown on setting up a professional email address using GoDaddy or Google. Some of these options are free. Some cost a few dollars per month, which would be a tax deduction. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, but GoDaddy and Google/G-mail are the most popular. Please note, we are not official affiliates for these services, and procedures and pricing are subject to change. We are providing the following information to help guide you in the right direction for setting up your Infusionsoft account for the most success.

GoDaddy – 3 Options

  1. Forwarding Email (FREE)
  2. Professional Email Service ($1.99 a month*)
  3. Business Premium Service/Office 365 ($6.99 a month*)
GoDaddy Forwarding Email (Free)

When you purchase a domain like “”, GoDaddy will allow you to have up to 100 email aliases, for example “”. These addresses are also known as forwarding email addresses and they simply funnel traffic to another email account you have. For example, let’s say you have the email and you are forwarding cool@coolexample to the gmail account. When you RESPOND to an email someone sends you, your response will come FROM your email, not If that’s not a problem, you can use this method for free.

CLICK HERE to watch a quick video on how to do it.

Here is a DOCUMENT from Godaddy about this forwarding email feature.

Keep in mind, the above methods will work unless you have activated your “additional services” account in GoDaddy. It’s also possible GoDaddy has changed the procedures since we created the video. If you are having trouble setting this up, you need to contact GoDaddy and tell them you need help establishing your FREE Forwarding email on your domain. They don’t make this easy to do or find on their website because they would prefer you purchase their email services!

GoDaddy Professional Email Service ($1.99 per month*)

Is this worth it? YES. This provides you with the best level of professional email service and creates better connectivity for your emails on any device you use. In addition, when you respond to an email, your response comes FROM your professional email, AND all your emails are stored in the cloud so you would never lose them.


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GoDaddy Business Premium Service with Office 365 ($6.99 per month*)

This level of service will give you so many other added things that will work nicely with Infusionsoft. GoDaddy Business Premium will give you up to 5 user accounts for up to 5 devices each (you get downloads for your tables, phones, etc).

Individual users will get cloud versions of Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Cloud based Outlook will integrate with your Infusionsoft calendar. IMPORTANT: ONLY THE CLOUD BASED VERSION OF OUTLOOK INTEGRATES WITH INFUSIONSOFT! Each user will get 1 TB of space on One Drive, which is like a virtual backup drive in the cloud. This can be used to automatically backup your computer.  Any files you store on One Drive can be accessed from any other device you have connected in your user account. Other users on your account can connect with these documents and view/edit based on permissions you assign on a per document basis. Your users will also get the program “Miles IQ” so you can track your business miles with your cell phone.

Yes, you can go to to get Office 365 and pay a little less per month after year 1, HOWEVER, you will PAY for customer service and support. While GoDaddy is super helpful getting you set up for FREE, and addressing any ongoing questions you have.

*Pricing posted by GoDaddy as of Feb 2018 – subject to change. The pricing indicated here is first year and renews at a higher rate.

G-Suite from Google

Single User ($5 per month)

“G-Suite” by Google is also a true EXCHANGE email account like the paid services with GoDaddy. This pricing is for a single user and 30 GB of cloud storage. In additional to email, you get some added bonuses like voice and video conferencing. Included in G-Suite are Google’s cloud-based software programs to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can set up your professional email easily using your current domain. If you don’t have a domain, you can purchase one through vendors like GoDaddy or Google. Check it out HERE:

G-Suite Multiple Users ($10 and up per month).

Same features as above, but you can have additional users and up to 1 TB per user of storage space on the cloud.


If you do want to connect your Infusionsoft to Outlook or G-Mail, we recommend you google “Outlook Infusionsoft Integration” or “G-mail Infusionsoft Integration” and you will get the free download and instructions on HOW to do it.

With the Outlook integration, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CONNECTION TO MORE THAN ONE COMPUTER. You just need to make the connection once. If you do it on more than one computer, CRAZY THINGS WILL HAPPEN and your calendar and appointments might duplicate 50 times. Please review the specific instructions on the G-mail integration.

This is a great place to start when setting up a professional email account. Still have questions? Contact us today!


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