Reach Your Perfect Audience at the Perfect Time & Place

Harness the Power of Targeted Mobile Advertising With Agency 8.

Do you want to find new customers?
We’re here to help! Using our preliminary mobile advertising service, we can place your ads on mobiles phones at specific events, buildings, neighborhoods and more! Whether you’re looking to target your competitor’s building or even the entire state, we can help. Our placements are specifically targeted to geographic areas that your customers frequent and designed to bring you more customers!

You decide how much you want to spend and we will do the rest. We also offer additional services create landing pages or marketing funnels if need be so that you don’t have to worry about all of that pesky backend stuff either.


Who is Targeted Mobile Advertising For?

Businesses that need to reach a mobile phone user in a specific location during specific time frames.

Businesses that have a special offer that they want to get in front of an event at a specific location.

Businesses that have a special offer or impulse buy that would appeal to an audience in a geographical area.

Brick & mortar businesses looking to attract more customers in their area

Mobile businesses looking to get the most out of their gas mileage

What Can Our Targeted Mobile Ads do For You?

Fine tuned targeting based on interests, gender, and age

Put your offers in front of people that will use them

Bring qualified leads through your doors

Help you increase awareness for your brand

Reach customers near you

Target your competitor’s locations with better offers 

Target specific areas that your customers frequent


We keep our pricing simple. 

  • Our initial marketing package is only $297! This includes your initial consultation, and your first 8000 impressions.

  • Additional impressions are available for $97 per 8000 additional impressions. 

  • For a small additional fee, we can come to your location (Scottsdale area only) and create content for the ad. This includes photos or videos that will be used in ad creative. (Please contact for more information about content creation)

We also offer additional services to create landing pages and marketing funnels if you need more assistance on the backend of your marketing.