Never suffer from writer’s block again!

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Do you know how it feels when your creative juices just won’t flow. You want to write, but all those words seem trapped with no way out?

Well we have great news for any aspiring writers! We’ve been playing around with this new business tool called Conversion and we think the results are pretty mind blowing. It’s amazing the level of Pulitzer Prize winning copy we were able to generate here at Agency 8 in minutes!

This new artificial intelligence tool can take a few words from you and generate an entire paragraph of relevant content. WE KID YOU NOT. We have since been using it daily with just about everything we do including this copy you are reading right now

Not only will it overhaul your writing, it will do it in whatever style, mood and character you require. Here is a quick 47 second video that gives you an idea of what this looks like:

Copy generators are not new to us. However, we always found that the results were never that good unless you answered a lot of questions and was very specific about what kind of copy generator you wanted for your business. They were also VERY EXPENSIVE.

Did we also mention that you don’t even have to write ANYTHING in the first place! Get those old, boring posts out of the way by running them through this magical tech and have fresh content in minutes! Beep beep boop bing bang boom- all done in one day with just two taps of my fingers? Get ready for an explosion of creativity thanks to this amazing software.

We do offer a free trial to test things out and you get get in for as little as $29 per month. This plan is great, but you are limited to only 20,000 words per month.

However, until May 1st, they are rolling out a very special NEW UPGRADE and spots are limited. This new upgrade will allow you to create long form copy (books, ebooks, blogs, etc) AND be UMLIMITED in your words per month. YES – WE SAID UNLIMITED!!

That is a huge deal because we started with the $29 program and found that we almost maxed out on our monthly word allowance in week one. We just upgraded to the $99 unlimited offer. We are being told this upgrade offer is just to help them create a buzz, and when they official launch this product, the price WILL be higher and they don’t promise the words will be unlimited.

We cannot stress enough how great the $99 opportunity is – so please do not wait.

Keep in mind, the $99 per month Unlimited and longform copy offer ends May 1st. However the $29 per month 20K words pm offer will continue to be available.

We cannot say enough about how amazing it is and we hope you take advantage of this incredible tool unlike any other we have seen before!