Instagram Reels: The Art of 100 Million Views

With Avery Sly

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100 Million Organic Views!

Imagine how that kind of exposure could impact your business! How would you like to learn the secrets to 100 million views from the expert making it happen? Join Avery Sly for this 3-part training series and learn how to leverage the power of Instagram Reels for your business. Avery also shares a library of tutorial how-to videos on staging and editing your videos!

Meet Your Host: Avery Sly

Over 100 Million Views

Avery has generated over 100 million organic views on Instagram alone! One of her most viewed Instagram Reels is at 94 million views and counting!

Learn From Someone That's Done It

When Avery posted her first reel in 2020, she had just over 8,000 followers. Now, two years later, Avery has accumulated a following of over 80,000 on Instagram and her most viral Reel has over 94 million views!
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Social Media Expert

Avery graduated with a degree in marketing from Arizona State University in 2020. Since then, she has coached business owners on how to succeed on social media. Avery also manages social media accounts for businesses across Arizona.