In 2022, Tik Tok will continue to be one of the most popular social media platforms. As a small business owner, don’t you think TikTok could be one of the best opportunities for your company to grow? While going viral isn’t guaranteed, and we all know how competitive social media platforms have become; following these simple steps can help get you started!

Here are 5 growth tips for small business owners looking to grow on Tik Tok in 2022!

1. Niche down.

Finding a niche is incredibly important on Tik Tok. Instead of trying to appeal to an entire audience, tailor your Tik Tok content towards a specific niche and you’ll start to see higher levels of engagement. By laser-focusing your content around a specific topic or theme, you’ll be able to better connect with your target audience. This will also make it easier to stand out in the Tik Tok algorithm.

The Tik Tok algorithm recognizes the type of content you’re creating. Therefore, if you consistently post content within the same niche, Tik Tok will help to push that content to the people that enjoy it or can benefit from it.

For example, Tik Tok creator enriquestory niched down his profile to be all about making aesthetic Instagram posts. By doing so, and serving valuable niched-down content, he has grown his audience to 2.5 million followers.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How can I provide value?
  • What questions are people in my niche asking?
  • What content are others in my niche posting?

2. Create consistent content.

Consistency is key on Tik Tok and any other social media platform. By posting content regularly, you’ll be able to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

It can be helpful to create a content calendar to help you plan and schedule your posts in advance. This will save you time and effort trying to come up with a post idea last minute. Using a content calendar can also help you to plan fun content ideas for upcoming holidays or milestones in your business.

You might be thinking that you don’t have enough time to create content for your Tik Tok, but it doesn’t need to feel like an impossible task. Consider batching your content by setting aside time in your schedule to create content. This will help you stay on top of your posting so that there are no delays or gaps between posts.

Also, think about ways that you can repurpose content from other platforms like Instagram or YouTube. This can be something as simple as recording a Tik Tok using footage from another video you’ve created. You could even take a blog post that you’ve written and turn key points into a short video.

Remember that you can use Tik Tok to drive traffic to your other social media platforms or website by including links in your bio and profile. Therefore, it can be very effective to break down another piece of content into a short video and use a CTA to send your Tik Tok audience wherever you want them to go (ex. Your blog).

Ultimately, while posting more content on Tik Tok can help to drive growth, being consistent is more important. Don’t post everything you have in one week and then go silent for several months. Set a goal for yourself to be consistent in posting on the platform. Also – keep in mind that there is no surefire way to guarantee going viral on Tik Tok. Don’t get discouraged if your videos aren’t going viral – just keep posting and stay consistent and you’ll start to see the growth.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How many posts per week or per day can I commit to?
  • What content do I already have that I can repurpose?

3. Use hashtags wisely.

Hashtags are a great way to help Tik Tok users find your content. When used correctly, they can increase your reach and help you gain more followers.

Do some research on which hashtags are popular in your niche and use them in your posts. Simply go to the Discover Page on Tik Tok and type something related to your niche in the search bar (ex. Finance Tips). From there, you’ll see some suggestions on related hashtags to use.

You can also create your own branded hashtag to use on Tik Tok. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and get people talking about your business.

Generally, it’s a good practice to include a mix of high-volume and low-volume hashtags. This way, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience while still getting targeted traffic. About 3-5 hashtags is a good amount to use per post.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What hashtags are currently trending? Are any relevant to my business?
  • What hashtags are others in my niche using?
  • What are industry hashtags I can use?

4. Hop on Trends:

Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there on Tik Tok and hopping on trends. This is a great way to get your content in front of more people. Additionally, taking advantage of trends might help your brand get a push in the algorithm. When you’re planning to create a Tik Tok video, consider putting your own spin on a trend.

To find what’s trending, you can go to the Discover Page. This will show you some trending hashtags, audio, and effects. You can also use Tik Tok’s “For You” page to see what’s trending. By simply scrolling through your recommended videos you might see recurring trends. Try your hand at some of these trends yourself by applying them to your own niche. on Tik Tok does a great job of taking what’s trending and applying it to their very specific niche of social media managers. Check them out and see how they spin trends.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What’s currently trending?
  • How can I put my own spin on this trend?
  • Are others in my niche jumping on this trend? If not, how can I be the first?

5. Understand How (and where) to Find Content Ideas

Something that we can all struggle with on social media is knowing what to post. By keeping track of a list of content ideas, you can ensure that you always have content on hand.

There are lots of ways to generate new content ideas for Tik Tok and your other social media platforms. One way to come up with content ideas is by using Tik Tok’s “For You” page. We’ve discussed the For You page a few times in this article and the premise is the same. Scroll through until you find videos that you want to emulate or trends you’d like to hop on. Remember, you can always save a video to your favorites on Tik Tok so you can refer back to it later.

Another way to come up with content ideas is by following other accounts in your niche. This way you can consistently get inspired by the content they’re posting. On Tik Tok, this will help you to curate a “Following” feed that serves you content that inspires you. Furthermore, if you scroll to the bottom of these accounts, you can find out which videos initially made them go viral. This is content that’s proven to be interesting and engaging to your niche. How can you put your own spin on it or make your own video like it?

There are tons of other ways to find content ideas, including Answer the Public, Facebook Groups, Instagram stories, and more. I will be discussing these in a future article.

Basically, if you always have a stream of ideas flowing to you, you’ll never have to worry about what content to create. Content creation takes practice and having a solid list of content ideas to back you up can make it much easier!

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Who can I follow that’s crushing it on Tik Tok?
  • What content is my niche interested in?
  • What resources can I use to find new content ideas?


There are a few key ways to grow your Tik Tok following in 2022.

  1. Niche down
  2. Create consistent content
  3. Use hashtags wisely
  4. Hop on Trends
  5. Understand How to Find Content Ideas

So there you have it: five ways to grow your Tik Tok following in 2022. Will you be using any of these tactics? We’re excited to see how our audience grows over the next few weeks! Make sure to give us a follow on Tik Tok and stay tuned for more trends in social media marketing!