As a business owner, content creation can often feel daunting. With so many platforms to consider, from social media to website design, it can be challenging to keep up. But luckily, there are apps out there that make content creation not only manageable but also enjoyable. In this post, we’ll discuss some of our favorite apps for content creation and how they’ve helped us in our business. From video editing to copywriting, we’ve got you covered.

1: CapCut

Interface: Mobile

Price: Free with a paid premium upgrade option

One of the biggest trends in content creation right now is video. Video content is more popular than ever, from Reels on Instagram to TikTok and YouTube Shorts. However, not everyone has the time or resources to create professional videos from scratch. That’s where CapCut comes in. CapCut is a mobile editing app that provides the tools you need to create compelling video content quickly and easily.

You can use CapCut to trim, splice, and rearrange your videos and add text, music, and other effects. It’s a great way to quickly give your videos a professional edge without learning complicated editing software. It also offers pre-existing templates that business owners can plug their videos into to create amazing content in no time.

Agency 8 uses CapCut to edit videos for our social media management clients. Avery loves using the editing features such as transitions, filters, and templates to create great content for her clients. Additionally, Avery does all of this with the free version of CapCut, so there’s no need to upgrade to premium to get access to all the amazing features!

2: Canva

Interface: mobile & desktop

Price: free with a paid premium upgrade option

If you’ve ever created graphics online, chances are you’ve heard of Canva. Canva is an incredibly versatile graphic design app offering many templates, photos, and graphics. Canva is available on both mobile and desktop. We always use Canva for our designs for ourselves and our clients. The best part? It’s free! While the free version of Canva offers tons of functionality, they also offer a premium account for even more options. The premium account offers additional photos, graphics, and templates.

If you’re short on time, Canva also allows you to batch-create content. Batch-creating content means creating a bunch of pieces of content all at once, and it’s an absolute game changer for business owners that are low on time but know they need to produce content.

3: Jasper.AI

Interface: desktop & Chrome extension

Price: get a 7-day free trial by using our affiliate link!

As a business owner, writing content can be a significant time investment. That’s where Jasper.AI comes in. Jasper is a powerful AI copywriting tool offering many templates for content creation. Whether you’re writing website copy or social media captions, Jasper has covered you. It’s also easy to use- simply type in a few keywords, and Jasper will generate content for you in seconds. This app is perfect for short-time business owners who still want high-quality content.

We cannot stress enough how much we love Jasper AI at Agency 8. We use this app daily for content creation, copywriting, and more. We also use Jasper as part of our strategy for writing blog articles in 20 minutes or less! There are many templates to choose from, and with a premium account, you can even input your brand voice to ensure all your content has a consistent tone.


Creating content for your business can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing these various apps lets you streamline content creation and quickly create engaging content. These apps have saved countless hours, from video editing to graphic creation to copywriting.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these three apps and see what you think – it might just surprise you how easy content creation can be!